Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a loan?
Any resident of the UK may apply for a personal loan.
What can I use the funds for?
Practically anything. There's no limit on what you can do and where you can spend it ・vacations, home improvements, paying off credit card debts, etc.
What is the best way of comparing loans?
Using the APR is the best way because it represents the true cost of a personal loan.
Will I be able to get low cost loans despite having bad credit?
This will depend on the lender, although generally those with bad credit will be given higher interest rates because the lender is at greater risk.
What is credit scoring?
Lenders use this to estimate the degree of risk involved in lending to a potential borrower.
Is it possible for me to see my credit record?
You should write to your credit reference agencies giving your name, your current address, and your previous addresses. You will also need to enclose a fee of £2.

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